Raspberry Rollette - Lip Gloss

Raspberry Rollette - Lip Gloss

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Vegan, cruelty free, natural, shiny and fruity Rollette also moisturizes kids' lippies with its syrup-like texture. Perfect discovery!

Raspberry lip gloss

Super shiny: raspberry rollette has some pretty pearlescent reflections, shine bright princess!
Syrup texture for easy application, except this lip gloss is galore!
UV protection means no dry lips.

Precautions for use = Apply to lips. Not suitable for children under 5 years old. To be used under the supervision of an adult. Do not put in the mouth, do note bite. Do not put near the eyes, rinse thoroughly if the product touches the eyes. Do not use if the skin is irritated or skin lesions occur. If you have an allergic reaction, stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor.

We co-design our kids packagings with OMY Deisgn & Play. Recyclable and printed with vegetable dyes.

Made in France, Vegan, Cruelty-Free